Money Maestro

'Spreading financial literacy Empowering Students. Building Sustainable Futures'

A Financial Literacy Programme for Students of age 10 to 13.

“Finance is 80% behaviour and 20% skills.”

These words by the renowned financial wizard Dave Ramsey perfectly emphasize the importance of nurturing financial behaviour. Although the youth of today has adequate exposure, financial literacy among them is nonetheless limited. While academic learning imparts the technical knowledge needed for money management, it is imperative for the youth to understand its application at a young age itself. Our programme fulfills this necessity.

Money Maestro is a financial literacy programme which aims to develop a disciplined and a rational attitude towards money at an early age. It seamlessly blends the concepts of finance and sensitivity towards the value of money, with an overall positive financial behavioural development of the students.

The programme imparts knowledge about essential aspects of money management such as financial discipline, planning, savings, smart spending, investing via numerous logical and analytical thinking modules, real life corporate cases, practical activities and games. Students progressively learn various financial concepts and their application through an interactive and activity based learning method. The curriculum is designed to also facilitate life skills such as public speaking, analytical thinking, expression and teamwork, among various others, through the activities and exercises.

This programme has been developed through years of research and is systematically structured with well-defined modules. It has been successfully conducted for numerous institutes and students across India. It has made students money maestros by developing an informed and rational attitude towards money!

How to Conduct the Money Maestro Programme at Your Institute?

The programme is generally conducted at institutes as a 2 day (12 hours duration) workshop. The sessions generally go on for 6 hours per day and involve different modules that are a blend of various financial skill set and training.

To enrol your school/institute for the programme, click on the ‘Make an Enquiry’ tab and fill in your institution details. The PennyWise team will revert with relevant information.

How to Enrol Your Child for the Money Maestro Programme at a Private Centre Across India?

The Money Maestro programme is generally conducted as a short term (12 hours duration) programme in most private centres across Mumbai over a span of 2 days with sessions being conducted for 6 hours per day.

It is also conducted as a long-term programme at private centres in Mumbai with sessions taking place for 2 hours per week for a period of 6-7 weeks.

The curriculum and modules remain the same for the long term as well as short term variants.

To enrol your child for the Money Maestro programme at one of PennyWise Education’s private centres across India, click on the ‘Make an Enquiry’ tab and fill your details. The PennyWise team will revert with necessary information about centre locations and start dates of sessions.